Gunman with a grudge murders 3 members of a Thai village fund committee

Three members of a village fund committee were murdered yesterday by a man allegedly holding a grudge in Loei, northeast Thailand, near the Laos border.

The gunman, Pitakchai Chairaksuk, was arrested for shooting and killing three members of a village fund committee during a meeting in Muang district. The 62 year old man was caught at the provincial prosecution office after the shooting. He was in possession of a hand grenade and a pistol.

The shooting took place at the village fund office of Ban Thung Nam Sai in Muang district, where committee members were attending a monthly meeting.

The alleged murderer walked into the meeting, held his hand up to apologise and told people who weren’t involved to leave. Pitakchai then raised the pistol and shot the 3 men dead.

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The victims were identified as the village head, 48 year old Sethanee Senasutthipan, 63 year old Saengthong Boonsuwan, and 58 year old Chalor Putthawong.

Police believe the shooting was sparked over a flea market project and a defamation lawsuit.

Pitakchai filed a lawsuit and lost and is believed to have harboured a grudge against the three victims and the prosecutor in the case.

Police revealed they are looking into other possible motives behind the shooting as they look to close the case.

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