Gas explosion in China destroys restaurant, leaves one dead (video)

Photo courtesy of Sina Weibo via Channel News Asia

A suspected gas leak wreaked havoc at a restaurant in Hebei, northern China, causing a devastating blast that tore through buildings, wrecked cars and left one dead and 22 injured, as reported by state media and authorities today.

According to CCTV News, the injured victims were swiftly transported to hospital following the explosion, which occurred around 8am in Sanhe County, approximately 80 kilometres from the political hub of Beijing. Shocking footage circulated on Weibo showcased a colossal orange fireball engulfing the area, succeeded by thick clouds of grey smoke and haunting images of obliterated building fronts, twisted wreckage of vehicles, littered streets with glass fragments, and lingering fires.

City emergency officials confirmed that a gas leak in a fried chicken shop triggered the catastrophe in Yanjiao town. This prompted a rapid response from rescue teams, firefighters, and other emergency personnel. Fire officials reassured the public that the blaze had been contained, with a significant deployment of 36 vehicles and 154 personnel engaged in rescue operations at the scene.

The incident underscores China’s ongoing battle with safety hazards associated with gas appliances and cookers, despite the government’s efforts to implement stringent guidelines introduced last year. Weibo users speculated that the explosion may have been near a cultural centre, with reports from the Economic Observer suggesting that metro construction was underway nearby, reported Channel News Asia.

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City emergency authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident, as revealed through social media updates, highlighting the urgency to uncover the cause behind this tragic event.

In related news, China‘s State broadcaster CCTV reported on December 21 last year that coal workers were underground when their mining cart careened off the tracks, marking yet another episode in China’s mining safety challenges. This incident, occurring on December 20 at the Kunyuan mine, raised questions about the effectiveness of China’s ongoing efforts to enhance mine safety.

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