Friendly gesture turns fiesty: Singaporean woman’s anger leads to assault on Thai man

Photo via Chaing Mai News

An angry Singaporean woman today assaulted a well-intentioned Thai man trying to help her at an entertainment venue in the northern province of Chiang Rai.

The victim’s girlfriend, Prempraphat Suwanachai, provided a detailed account of the incident during an interview with Channel 7. According to Prempraphat, the altercation occurred around 3.30am.

Prempraphat and her boyfriend were working at the entertainment venue when the Singaporean woman, estimated to be between 45 and 55 years old, approached them in search of transportation to her hotel. Dressed in dark blue pyjamas, she expressed her inability to recall the hotel’s name, except that it was yellow. Frustrated and lost, she offered to pay 500 baht to anyone who could assist her.

Recognising that the Inncome Hotel was in close proximity to the venue, Prempraphat suspected it might be the place the woman was referring to. Consequently, she agreed to help. The Singaporean woman handed Prempraphat a 1,000 baht banknote, and Prempraphat handed it to her manager to get change.

Unexpectedly, the situation took an unpleasant turn. The woman began to scream, demanding her change and accusing Prempraphat of providing slow service. Assessing the escalating situation, Prempraphat decided to retract her assistance and promptly returned the woman’s money.

Infuriated, the woman lashed out and struck Prempraphat across the face, hurling her mobile phone in the process. Unfortunately, the phone hit Prempraphat’s boyfriend, causing a two-centimetre-long wound on his face.

Realising the severity of the injury, Prempraphat rushed her boyfriend to the hospital, where the bleeding continued. Following their hospital visit, she promptly filed a complaint with the police. However, when the officers arrived at the scene, the Singaporean woman had already vanished.

Prempraphat speculated that the woman’s aggressive behaviour might be attributed to mental health issues. Urging the police to swiftly apprehend and prosecute the culprit, she hoped for a resolution as soon as possible.


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