4 year old Thai girl’s story raises 5.9 million baht for blind grandmother’s care

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A four year old Thai girl named Toey, who takes care of her blind grandmother, has received an overwhelming 5.9 million baht (US$170,000) in donations after her story was shared online. The funds were raised after teacher Aoom, who runs the personal Facebook account ‘Modern Kindergarten Classroom, Teacher Aoom,’ posted about the Thai girl’s situation, seeking help from the public.

Today, teacher Aoom posted a picture of Toey smiling amid the generous gifts sent by donors. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards everyone who contributed and extended help to Toey and her grandmother. Along with the photo, she wrote in the post:

“New day for our little brave Toey. Thank you so much for the massive amount of donations received today for our little girl…. I’m tremendously moved on behalf of Toey to see so many kind-hearted people contribute this much. May you all be blessed with happiness.”

Teacher Aoom also mentioned that due to the large number of goods received, some items would be distributed to other less fortunate children in the area. However, if any donors would like to dedicate their gifts solely to Toey, they can inform the teacher through a message.

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Later, teacher Aoom posted a video expressing her gratitude and acknowledging the collective effort from everyone who participated in helping Toey. She specifically thanked local officials and news reporters for their assistance and support. The donation account was closed with a total amount of 5.9 million baht. The sum is divided into two parts: 4 million baht (US$115,000) reserved for Toey’s living expenses when she reaches legal age; and 1.9 million baht (US$54,600) for her grandmother’s daily living costs. A local committee will oversee the management of the funds.

In terms of housing, it was noted that the government would be responsible for providing assistance in this area. Teacher Aoom expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone and never expected that her small act of kindness would create such a significant impact. She wished everyone to share the merit of their noble deeds.

Recently, the story of Toey went viral on Thai social media. The teacher, Phatcharin “Aoom” Esatee, took to social media to seek aid for her four year old student, Toey. Aoom shared videos on TikTok featuring Toey with her blind grandmother, Sao Jindasi. Despite her young age, Toey managed all the household chores, including washing clothes, doing dishes, and even assisting her grandmother with the cooking. Read full story HERE.

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