High drama in Pattaya: Foreigner’s cappuccino turns fatal at ganja café

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A foreign man met a tragic end at a marijuana shop in Pattaya, allegedly after consuming what the shop owner claimed was a cappuccino. The unfortunate incident occurred on Sunday, July 30, at a well-known ganja café situated on the bustling Walking Street.

The identity of the deceased, Hamad Alblaiher, a 52 year old man of unknown nationality, was found lying unconscious inside the establishment when the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Rescue Centre in Pattaya responded to the distress call at 3.46am.

Eyewitnesses stated that before his collapse, Alblaiher exhibited signs of shock, leaving fellow customers shocked and concerned. Despite prompt resuscitation attempts, the man was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The initial cause of his death is yet to be confirmed by the forensic team, but it is suspected to be a sudden cardiac arrest, reported Pattaya News.

The café owner, Suha Demirez, revealed that Alblaiher’s order before his unfortunate death consisted only of a cappuccino and water, with no cannabis involvement. This contradicts the reports from other news outlets, which had previously suggested that the man had consumed marijuana-infused tea.

High drama in Pattaya: Foreigner's cappuccino turns fatal at ganja café | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Pattaya News.

Adding to the mystery, the shop staff claimed that Alblaiher was a regular patron who had never smoked marijuana on the premises. According to them, he suddenly complained of breathing difficulties before collapsing on the floor, leaving everyone stunned.

While the investigation into the cause of the man’s death is underway, Suha is gathering evidence to refute the misinformation surrounding the incident and clear the café’s name. The authorities are keeping the name of the café under wraps until the investigation is complete.

As Pattaya mourns this unfortunate loss, questions remain about the circumstances that led to the foreign man’s sudden demise. The forensic team’s findings are eagerly awaited to shed light on the tragic event that has shocked the community and raised concerns about safety at such establishments.

High drama in Pattaya: Foreigner's cappuccino turns fatal at ganja café | News by Thaiger

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