Former rock band member victim to relentless online scam efforts

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A member of a famous 90s Thai rock band known as Fly, fell victim to an online scam when a fraudster tricked him into providing his one-time password (OTP) code, hacked his Facebook account, and then proceeded to ask for money from his family and friends.

Chaiyakorn Duangwong filed the complaint at the Sai Noi Police Station in Nonthaburi, accompanied by his wife, Rakthapa Wiriyah, and an advisor from a prominent Facebook page, Atthiwat Sirikangwanwong.

Chaiyakorn explained that his Facebook account, which he had used exclusively for over ten years to manage his entertainment bookings, was compromised by a fraudster. The scammer managed to obtain his OTP code from his mobile phone and subsequently hacked his account.

The fraudster then sent messages to Chaiyakorn’s contacts, including his daughter, wife, and friends in the entertainment industry, requesting money. The scammer even used Chaiyakorn’s name to falsely advertise the sale of iPhones.

Concerned about potential victims falling for these scams, Chaiyakorn consulted with Atthiwat, who advised him to report the incident to the police to prevent further damage to his reputation.

Chaiyakorn recounted that on February 3, at around 10pm, he discovered he could not access his Facebook account. Checking his email, he found alerts indicating someone had attempted to log into his account and had changed the password. The fraudster then used Chaiyakorn’s account to solicit money from his Facebook friends, directing them to transfer funds to a bank account under a name unfamiliar to Chaiyakorn.

Figured out

Chaiyakorn daughter identified the scam when she noticed the messages were sent from a different brand of mobile phone than Chaiyakorn’s.

Reflecting on the incident, Chaiyakorn remembered that a Facebook friend, who happened to be a teacher, had messaged him asking for his mobile number. Believing the teacher had simply forgotten his number, Chaiyakorn provided it. Later, the teacher requested the OTP code, which Chaiyakorn also naively sent, leading to the account hack.

Shortly after, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Prakachai Hithongkham, called Chaiyakorn to inquire if he had indeed asked for a loan of 6,100 baht, promising a 400 baht interest. Chaiyakorn denied the request, explaining his account had been hacked.

Despite regaining control of his Facebook account and updating the password, the scammer did not relent. They created a new Facebook account using Chaiyakorn’s name and continued to send messages, posing as Chaiyakorn and soliciting money. This fraudulent activity included offering quick loans with interest and directing victims to transfer money to a different bank account.

The most egregious online scam involved using Chaiyakorn’s name to sell iPhones at discounted prices ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 baht. Alarmed by the potential for more victims, Chaiyakorn reported the scammer to the police to protect his reputation and work in the entertainment industry.

Chaiyakorn concluded by urging others to be cautious, highlighting the importance of never sharing OTP codes or personal information. He advised verifying any money requests through direct communication, as Facebook accounts could easily be hacked and misused, reported KhaoSod.

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