Former PM Thaksin granted parole, walks free this weekend

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It has been confirmed that Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister of Thailand, will walk free from prison this weekend.

A source from Government House made the following announcement.

“Convicted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is set to be released on parole this weekend, following confirmation from Justice Minister Tawee Sodsong on Tuesday (February 13).”

Tawee disclosed that Thaksin was among the fortunate 930 inmates greenlit for parole by a special committee. Revealing further, he stated that the Department of Corrections proposed parole for a staggering 945 inmates this month alone.

The 74 year old tycoon met the stringent parole criteria, being of advanced age, grappling with severe illnesses, and having served over six months of his one-year sentence, clarified Tawee.

The justice minister added that the remaining term must not exceed ten years.

“In accordance with the regulations, a prisoner becomes eligible for parole after serving at least one-third of their sentence or a minimum of six months if one-third falls short of that duration.”

Citing official communication, Tawee shared that the director-general of the Department of Corrections had forwarded the parole list, with Thaksin’s potential release slated for either February 17 or 18.

“The monthly number of paroled inmates has been consistently around 930.

“This is completely routine. Parole for individuals with serious illnesses, disabilities, or those aged 70 years or more has been a practice since 2003, with 2,240 people benefiting from it since then.”

After evading authorities for 15 years abroad, Thaksin returned to Thailand on August 22 last year only to face immediate imprisonment for eight years due to outstanding legal cases. However, his term was drastically reduced to one year through royal clemency, owing to his deteriorating health, reported Bangkok Post.

Providing insight into Thaksin’s impending release, his daughter Paetongtarn, who leads the Pheu Thai Party, revealed that her father would be welcomed back home.

“Having spent the last six months confined to a hospital room, my father eagerly anticipates stepping out once doctors deem it safe.”

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