Update: Former Thai boxer denies sexual assault allegations

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A renowned former Thai boxer denies sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl from Kalasin province after she lodged a complaint with Khon Kaen police.

The incident allegedly took place in a hotel in Khon Kaen after they met at a local club. The accused, Somsak Singmanee, however, vehemently denied the sexual assault accusations, asserting his innocence and respect for his son and his Olympic gold medalist boxing record. He insists that he was unaware of the girl’s age until later and that he simply went to sleep after finding out.

Somsak’s legal counsel is handling the matter in accordance with the law. The hotel where the alleged sexual assault occurred had CCTV cameras recording from multiple angles. The hotel confirmed Somsak checked in around 8pm on December 9, left the hotel at about 9pm, and returned around 3am on December 10, before checking out at 10am. The hotel management also confirmed that there were no unusual incidents or cries for help. Post-incident, the police inspected the room, finding everything in order.

The hotel’s CCTV footage showed Somsak and the 17 year old girl holding hands while entering the lobby and in the lift. There were no signs of sexual assault. The footage from the second floor also showed the pair holding hands, walking to their room, and entering together without any signs of distress.

Somsak admits he is stressed by the unwanted media attention since he insists he hasn’t done anything wrong. He was surprised to learn the girl was only 17 as she seemed older. Somsak suggests there might be some ulterior motive behind the accusations, reported KhaoSod.

Former top-ranking police officer, Rewat Klinkesorn, believes that Somsak’s statement about not knowing the girl’s age could be true, given that people entering entertainment venues are usually verified to be over 20 years old. He suggests that there may be other factors at play in this case, given that Somsak’s daughter is wealthy. He speculates that if Somsak were poor, he might not have been embroiled in this controversy.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thai police step up probe into underage assault linked to ex-Olympic boxer

Thai police are accelerating their investigation into the case of a 17 year old girl who reported being sexually assaulted after a night out at a club. They are gathering information before summoning Somluck Kamsing, a former Olympic gold medal boxer, for questioning about the underage assault.

The incident occurred today, at an entertainment venue on Prachasamran Road, Khon Kaen City. Somluck is alleged to have taken the underage girl from the club after closing time.

Particularly in focus is the entertainment venue where Somluck and the 17 year old girl were seen leaving together. Officers found the club operating as usual during their search, with no illegal substances detected. According to the club’s manager, Somluck sat at a table near the DJ booth and was frequently approached by patrons for photos and drinks until closing time.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Yodsawat Kaewsuebthani revealed that the girl, named A to protect her identity, aged around 17 years and 10 months, reported that she was taken and sexually assaulted by Somluck. Initial investigations included interviewing a friend who picked up A from the hotel, and she may serve as a witness.

A was also taken to Khon Kaen Hospital for a medical examination, and the case has been reported to social development and human security officials. She is currently under the care of the Khon Kaen Shelter for Children and Women.

The investigation includes gathering additional evidence, such as CCTV footage from the scene and related locations. If substantial evidence is found, a summons will be issued for Somluck to acknowledge the charges.

In relation to the venue, officials have also filed a complaint against the establishment for allowing or neglecting to allow a person under the age of 20 to use its services and operate beyond legal hours. The club’s manager has acknowledged the charges.

Meanwhile, as evidence and witnesses are being gathered regarding Somluck’s case, if conclusive proof emerges, a summons will be issued for him to acknowledge the charges, reported KhaoSod.

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