Former RTA sergeant found dead in Nakhon Phanom home

Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

A 52 year old former Royal Thai Army (RTA) Sergeant was found deceased at his home in Nakhon Phanom’s Kuruku district today. The discovery of RTA Sergeant Apichai was made by his elder brother, Som, who had not heard from him since New Year’s Eve.

Apichai’s house is located in front of the Phra Yot Muang Khwang Camp in Kuruku. Upon entering the house, his brother found Apichai’s body in an advanced state of decomposition, suggesting he had been dead for several days. Apichai had retired from the RTA around three years ago and had been suffering from epilepsy, according to his brother.

Apichai, separated from his wife for several years, was a father of three. His wife occasionally visited, especially when he was unwell, reported Khao Sod. The last time Som saw his brother alive was on December 31 last year when they had been drinking together. Since then, he had not seen him but assumed nothing was amiss as the lights at Apichai’s house remained on.

Upon noticing the unusual silence from his brother’s home, Som decided to check on him. An unpleasant odour emanating from the house immediately alerted him to something untoward. Peering through the window, he discovered his brother’s lifeless body.

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After an initial investigation, police handed over Apichai’s body to his family for funeral rites. The family did not suspect any foul play in his death. They conjectured that Apichai, who regularly suffered from epileptic seizures, might have had a severe seizure while he was alone and couldn’t get the necessary help, leading to his unfortunate demise.

In related news, an investigation is underway after a fatal petrol station shooting involving a local politician in Nakhon Phanom. A Thailand love triangle and corruption theories were suggested and autopsy results are pending. Three suspects were detained for questioning as authorities delve into the mysterious case.

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