Forensic experts uncover more about Tangmo’s death, two charged so far

Forensic experts have dismissed reports that Tangmo, the Thai actress who’s body was found yesterday, went to the back of the boat she fell off to urinate. The experts say she was wearing a body suit, which would have made this difficult. A preliminary autopsy showed Tangmo had sand in her lungs. Toxicology results are expected to take about seven days.

Meanwhile, two suspects so far face charges in the case. The driver of the boat Tangmo and five other people were on, and the boat’s owner, face charges of death by negligence. A police lieutenant colonel said the two suspects went to the Muang district police station yesterday with a lawyer to acknowledge the charges, and applied for bail. The boat’s driver, Paibul, also faces the charge of driving a boat with an expired license.

This morning, the Bangkok Post reported that Tangmo’s mum believes her daughter’s death is suspicious. She didn’t believe Tangmo would urinate off the back of a boat. She also said someone on the boat with Tangmo might not have wanted her there, since there was a photo showing Tangmo sitting alone at the back of the boat in a ‘somber’ mood.

In earlier interviews, Tangmo’s mum, Panida, told reporters Tangmo had been a great swimmer since she was young.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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Tara Abhasakun

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