Two Burmese nationals arrested for illegal kebab shop in Krabi

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Immigration officers in Krabi detained two Burmese nationals for illegally operating a kebab shop at Ao Nang Beach. The pair were caught in the act and failed to produce valid work permits or passports when asked by authorities.

Head of Immigration Division 6, Police Major General Songprod Sirisukha led a team to conduct a series of inspections in an operation aimed at curbing illegal activities by foreign nationals. Special emphasis was placed on those taking jobs that could be filled by Thai citizens or engaging in unlawful business practices.

The team, joined by officers from the Koh Phi Phi Police Station, conducted thorough checks on residences, shops, restaurants, and other establishments where foreign nationals are known to work.

At a specific kebab shop located in a small alley leading to Ao Nang Beach in Krabi Province, the officers found two Myanmar nationals actively selling kebabs to customers. Upon requesting their passports and work permits, the duo failed to present any documents.

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This led to their immediate arrest on charges of being foreign nationals residing and working in the Kingdom without permission and engaging in work beyond the allowed scope.

Authorities emphasised the importance of investigating and arresting offenders under the Immigration Act of 1979, the Decree on the Management of Foreign Workers of 2017, and the Foreign Business Act of 1999.

Since mid-May, Krabi Immigration has apprehended 27 individuals for violating the Immigration Act and six for breaching the Decree on the Management of Foreign Workers. The influx of tourists in Krabi has necessitated heightened vigilance and regular checks by immigration officials to ensure the safety and security of all.

Krabi Immigration urges the public to report any suspected illegal activities. The ongoing efforts are designed to foster a secure and welcoming environment for both locals and tourists, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time in the region without concerns about safety or legality, reported Khaosod.

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