Foreign man smashes car window and tries to assault Lao man

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A Laotian businessman demanded that a foreigner in the Isaan province of Udon Thani take responsibility for smashing his car window and attempting to punch him in the face.

Mueang Udon Thani Police Station was alerted to investigate a damaged car at Nong Bua Market Intersection at 4pm yesterday, July 9. Upon arrival, officers met the car’s owner, a 68 year old Laotian man named Somchai, and his wife. Both were still shaken and frightened.

Somchai told police that he was driving to a hospital on Nittayo Road. When approaching the intersection, he signalled to other motorists that he would make a left turn. He was about to turn when the foreign suspect, whose identity remains undisclosed, approached him.

The foreign man parked his motorcycle in the middle of the road, leaving his child sitting there. He accused Somchai of cutting him off and complained loudly.

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Somchai said he apologised to the foreign man even though he was confident he had done nothing wrong. However, the foreigner did not accept his apology and continued to shout at Somchai and his wife.

Unexpectedly, the foreign man smashed his fist into the left-side car window, shattering it. He also tried to punch Somchai but the victim managed to avoid the assault. The man then returned to his motorcycle and left the scene.

The Laotian man told Channel 3 that he visited Thailand quite often but never experienced anything like this. He wanted the foreigner to take responsibility and compensate him for the damage.

In a related story reported in Phuket in April, an American man smashed the car window of a local while drunk. The foreign man claimed that his friend had left a phone in the car but there was nothing inside. Moreover, the foreigner’s friend and the car owner did not know each other.

Another related report involved a drunk Chinese man who smashed electronic devices and furniture at a hotel in Bangkok. His actions resulted in three charges, including causing damage to another person’s property and being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

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