Skateboard skirmish between foreigner and police sparks stir at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok (video)

Photo via Don Mueang Airport Website

A fracas erupted at Don Mueang International Airport as a foreign man attempted to assault a police officer with a skateboard, resulting in a significant online reaction. The skateboard incident occurred yesterday according to a video posted by TikTok user

Clip via TikTok user

The clip, which rapidly stirred up an online storm, shows a foreign national assumed to be of Asian descent arguing with a police officer. He tries to strike the officer with a skateboard repeatedly, with two other officers observing from nearby without intervening.

In response to the man’s aggression, the officer attempts to retaliate, unsuccessfully using his baton to counter the skateboard attacks. Nevertheless, the conflict isn’t de-escalated even when the two standing-by policemen try to mediate. The video ends there, leaving the cause of the dispute unclear and provoking a wave of online comments. One netizen said…

“I don’t understand why the two other officers didn’t do anything while their colleague was nearly assaulted.”

Others were of the opinion that there are laws in place to protect officers from responding violently and suggested that the best approach would be to calmly negotiate with the angry man wielding a skateboard, reported the Thai platform KhaoSod.

In similar news, a few months back, a malfunctioning suitcase wheel potentially caused an unfortunate incident that took place at Don Mueang International Airport’s moving walkways, causing a woman to lose part of her left leg, according to the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT).

The EIT’s initial analysis suggests that a wheel from the victim’s suitcase could have got stuck, causing damage to the moving walkway’s comb section. This breakage might have created an opening in the platform large enough for the woman’s leg to slip through and get trapped. To read more about the full story, click here.

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