Flash Express denies allegations of staff exodus and warehouse crisis

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Flash Express, a prominent delivery firm, has refuted allegations of widespread employee resignations and troubling working conditions. The company confirms it’s addressing issues of package backlogs in some branches, but denies an overall warehouse crisis.

Flash Express clarifies that any staff resignations are isolated incidents and not a nationwide phenomenon.

Today, Flash Express issued a formal statement in response to the negative news circulating on social media platforms. The company, which ranks among the top couriers in the market, prides itself on delivering top-notch service at competitive prices. Over its five-year operation, the company has consistently strived to maintain a high standard of service to inspire customer confidence despite varying market conditions.

In its statement, Flash Express acknowledged an increase in package volume, resulting from its partnerships with e-commerce platforms, online shops, and general customers. The rise has led to package backlogs in some branches, but the company insists it doesn’t equate to a warehouse crisis. To manage the situation, they are urgently hiring more staff to clear and deliver packages to customers promptly.

Flash Express also addressed the issue of employee resignations. The company dismisses claims of widespread resignations, stating that they still employ over 40,000 permanent staff members across the country. Flash Express urges clients to exercise discernment when interpreting social media reports, which are sometimes propagated by malicious groups aiming to tarnish the company’s reputation reported KhaoSod.

Flash Express promises to navigate through any challenging situations, committed to expanding job opportunities in the country and taking the best care of its employees. They strive to deliver excellent and quality service to all Thais indefinitely.

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