Father discovers daughter’s body in Udon Thani, sparking village fears

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A father found his daughter dead in a storeroom at their home in Udon Thani, sparking fear among villagers of a malevolent spirit after a series of unsettling incidents.

The 48 year old woman from Udon Thani, known only as Orawan, appeared to have taken her own life by hanging, leaving the community in shock and prompting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.

Local authorities were alerted to the grim scene at approximately 6.30am today when Police Lieutenant Colonel Natthawat Ladawal, Deputy Inspector of the Non Sung Police Station, along with emergency physicians from the Udon Thani Hospital and the Udon Thani Dhamma Foundation, were summoned to a residence in Moo 5, Nong Song Hong, Non Sung subdistrict. Upon arrival, they encountered a crowd of villagers gathered near the broadcasting tower, close to where the incident took place.

Inside the home, Orawan was found motionless, a red chair toppled beside her. The medical examiner estimated that she had been dead for four to five hours before discovery. Her 72 year old father Buaphan shared that Orawan, the eldest of his three children, worked as a housekeeper at a bank. He suggested that financial troubles related to personal debt might have led to his daughter’s drastic decision, noting a change in her behaviour in recent times.

Buaphan observed that Orawan, who used to regularly contribute to household expenses, had lately been spending more time engaged in mobile games and less in supporting her family financially. She had even occasionally asked her parents for money.

The evening before her body was found, Buaphan questioned why she had missed work, to which Orawan complained of a stomach ache. The next morning, when he went to check on her, she was nowhere to be found in the house, leading him to the storeroom where he encountered the harrowing sight.

Adding to the distress, a local woman, 65 year old Sangob recounted hearing an ominous crowing from a crow before the discovery of Orawan’s body. This was not the first occurrence of such an event. Two days earlier, similar sounds were heard before the death of another villager, which had led to whispers of a crow heralding death in the community, reported KhaoSod.

The continuing funeral rites for the previous deceased and now Orawan’s death have left the villagers anxious and wary of further misfortune.

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