Fatal family feud over land inheritance shocks Nonthaburi, Thailand

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A deadly family feud over land inheritance escalated into a brutal shooting in front of a house in Nonthaburi, Thailand, resulting in two fatalities. The incident occurred at 9.30am today, January 8, when local police and volunteer rescue workers were dispatched to a violent scene in the Ban Mai district of Bang Yai.

The victims were identified as 60 year old Phayup, and 56 year old Phayaow, both found dead near each other. Three bullet casings were discovered at the crime scene.

The alleged perpetrator was their nephew, 41 year old Pissit, who fled the scene immediately after the incident.

Before the crime occurred around 8am, the two victims had left their house to water their paddy field, which is situated in front of the house where the incident took place. This property belongs to Prayun, the elder brother of both victims and the father of the accused, Pissit.

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At the time of the shooting, Lard, Pissit’s mother, was cooking at the back of the house. She heard an argument followed by several gunshots. Upon rushing out, she found the two victims lying dead. Pissit then walked into the house and admitted to the crime before fleeing the scene.

The root cause of the crime was a decade-long dispute over land inheritance. The conflict had culminated in a court case, which Phayup won, resulting in Pissit being ordered to vacate the property. This legal defeat led to Pissit’s increased stress, culminating in the tragic events of that morning.

After gunning down his uncle and aunt, Pissit fled with the murder weapon, reported KhaoSod. Initially, police received a tip-off from the suspect to turn himself in. Following his statement, the police will interrogate him and proceed with the legal case.

In related news, notorious local figures, Thew Wang Sai and Thian Kamlon engaged in a fatal shootout. The suspect has been apprehended.

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