American wanted for sharing explicit videos and abusing Thai women

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Three Thai women reached out to the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women after a perverted American man with anger issues they connected with on a dating app shared explicit pornographic videos, blackmailed, physically assaulted them and stole their valuables.

Foundation founder Paveena Hongsakul accompanied one of the three victims to the Royal Thai Police (RTP) Sports Club to file a complaint against the American, identified as Tom, with RTP Deputy Commissioner Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn.

Paveena reported that the 33 year old American told the Thai women on the dating app that he was a former US soldier. He wanted to start a family with them and take them to the US. He chose Thai women with secure careers and good profiles.

After meeting the women, he would secretly record their sexual activities. If the women caught him and broke up with him, he would then physically abuse them, threaten them or steal their valuables. Tom allegedly shared the victims’ sex videos with their colleagues, friends and family, causing one of the victims to suffer from panic disorder.

The three victims later discovered that Tom was running a social media account selling pornographic videos. They were worried that their videos would be shared on his platforms. The victims believed many other Thai women fell to his charms but were afraid to come forward to demand justice.

Paveena added that the foundation conducted an investigation into Tom and discovered that he did the same to Asian women living in the US. He previously married a Filipina and a Chinese woman in the US and abused them.

Perverted predator

One of the victims, a 31 year old woman identified as A, said that she talked to Tom online for four months and met him in person in April of 2022. She believed his promise to take her to the US and paid a hotel bill of over 20,000 baht to meet him.

However, she decided to end her relationship with Tom because she found out that he was cheating on her and talking to many other women. When A borrowed Tom’s tablet, she found he was logged into an account that shared porn videos.

After A broke up with Tom, he was angry and released the sex videos on social media that he secretly recorded. He also sent the videos to her family and friends.

The second victim, 25 year old B, revealed that she talked to Tom on a dating app and Zoom for several months before they met in June 2022. They lived together in her apartment in the Bang Chan district of Bangkok and signed a marriage certificate.

As well as repeated abuse, B found out that Tom had secretly gone to Indonesia to prepare a marriage ceremony with an Indonesian woman. This led to an argument and Tom physically assaulted B by choking her and using a pillow to suffocate her. After the attack, Tom stole her gold necklace and fled the apartment.

Tom later leaked B’s naked videos to her colleagues, causing B to quit her job. She asked Tom for a divorce but he refused and continued to distribute her videos until she suffered from a panic disorder and moved to Phuket. Despite this, Tom followed her to Phuket and even posted her naked videos and pictures on a Google review of the restaurant where she worked. He also told others that she was a prostitute.

Suspect in Thailand

The third victim, 33 year old C, told police and the media that she met Tom on a dating application on December 6 and met him at his condominium in the Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi province on December 15.

Tom proposed to C on the first day they met but she refused. After spending a week together, C found that Tom was a hot-tempered man and always complained rudely about everything, so she decided to break up with him.

Her rejection made Tom angry and he attacked her, hitting her in the face and claiming that he was having PTSD nightmares because of his past experiences as a soldier. He hit her in the face with a pillow, pushed her off the bed and strangled her.

C said she begged for her life and managed to escape from the room. She went to the Bang Yai Police Station for help but Tom managed to evade the police and disappeared with her mobile phone. C said that Tom is still in Thailand and continues to defraud other Thai women.

Big Joke reported that the RTP looked into the American man’s history and discovered that he was in Thailand on a tourist visa. He was in and out of the country quite often to extend his stay.

Big Joke promised the police would bring the American to justice. Phra Kanong Police Station officers reported they would take care of A’s case, officers from Bang Chan Police Station would take care of C’s case and the officers from Chalong Police Station would take care of B’s case.

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