Fatal elephant attack in Thailand’s Buriram province claims life

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A fatal elephant attack in Buriram province, Thailand, has claimed the life of 62 year old man named Chatchai (surname withheld) who was trampled and his body torn into two pieces by a wild elephant. The incident occurred today in a forest near Nong Bon Village, about 3 kilometres from his residence.

The deceased’s wives, 60 year old Saibua and 55 year old Pranom recounted the struggles of living amidst frequent elephant invasions and the inherent dangers posed to the villagers.

Chatchai, the victim, lived in the village with his two wives. According to Saibua, the villagers lived in constant fear of elephant attacks and often had to hide. The villagers’ rice fields were often targeted by elephants, resulting in significant losses. On the fateful day, Chatchai was in the forest to catch crickets when the fatal encounter took place.

Pranom recollected that she usually accompanied her husband to guard their rice fields. However, on the day of the incident, Chatchai went alone into the forest while she was heading home. Around 30 minutes later, she heard the loud trumpeting of an elephant and feared for her husband’s safety.

She regretted not having accompanied him, and the sudden change in their routine that night, where they didn’t talk as they usually would, made her feel uneasy.

The assistant village headman, Tien Somsai, who also serves as a local elephant chaser, revealed that the same elephant had claimed another life last month. He fears the possibility of more casualties in the coming months as villagers have to venture into the forest for their livelihood, reported KhaoSod.

He expressed discontentment over the lack of support and compensation from the responsible agencies for villagers assigned as elephant chasers. He also highlighted the need for better resources and equipment to deal with these dangerous animals.

The incident underscores the precarious situation for villagers living close to forests in Thailand. The increasing number of fatal encounters with elephants is a matter of grave concern and calls for immediate action from authorities to ensure the safety of local communities.

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