Famous Thai actor grilled by CCIB investigators over role in fake registration plate drama

Photo via Instagram @ mario_mm38.

Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) officers summoned a famous Thai actor in connection with his alleged involvement in a fake car registration plate gang. The actor, Mario Maurer, denied the accusation, asserting that he was a victim of criminal activity.

CCIB officers recently arrested two ringleaders involved in the fraudulent registration enterprise. They acquired the usernames and passwords of officials within the Land Transport Department, enabling them to gain unauthorised access to the system and create counterfeit registration plates.

CCIB officers confiscated 65 vehicles worth over 77 million baht. The cars were being prepared to sell to collectors who were mostly Thai celebrities. Thai news agencies then reported that a popular actor named M was also involved in the gang.

Mario later admitted to the media that actor M was him. He claimed that he had already spoken with the police via a phone call and added that he will meet officers in a few days when his schedule is clear.

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Mario insisted on his innocence stating he and his trusted agent fell victim to the criminal gang and were not involved. He stated that his agent bought the car from the gang and resold it to him, adding he has not received it yet.

After the arrest was made, the agent was alerted to the criminal activity behind the deal and returned the money to him. However, the car’s registration still bore his name due to the prior completion of the ownership transfer process. Mario said he is not worried about the issue.

“I am a simple car purchaser who acquired the vehicle in good faith. I did not know what each car had been through because I saw the car had all the required documents but I did not know whether they are fake or not. The agent told me that he was deceived as well. I proved my innocence to the police.”

The Deputy Commander of the CCIB, Amnart Traipoj, reported that the police were not convinced by the confession, adding they would question Mario and the agent to ascertain whether they bought the vehicles with the knowledge that plates were fake.

Amnart added that his officers discovered 50 other classic vehicles using fake registration plates. The owners of each car would be summoned to track down other suspects in the gang.

Thai actor Mario Maurer involved in fake registration plate gang
Photo via Instagram @mario_mm38
Thai actor Mario fake registration plate
Photo via Instagram @mario_mm38
Thai actor Mario Maurer
Photo via Instagram @mario_mm38

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