Family feud over 700 baht allowance leads to shooting in Pattalung

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A family dispute over a modest elderly allowance of 700 baht escalated to a violent episode in Pattalung, with a 42 year old man, Tanadol, shooting his 39 year old brother-in-law, Phanasut, twice. Following the incident, Tanadol fled the scene but later surrendered to the police, confessing that the shooting was prompted by a fit of rage caused by the withholding of the allowance meant for their father’s care.

The confrontation occurred outside a residence in Tambon Tamnan, Pattalung province, in the evening. The subsequent manhunt came to a close when Tanadol turned himself in to the police at the Mueang Pattalung police station shortly before 10pm yesterday.

According to preliminary investigations, the argument began when Tanadol requested the elderly allowance card from his sister, Beer, to withdraw funds for their father’s hospital expenses. Beer’s refusal to hand over the card led to a heated argument, which escalated as Tanadol damaged Beer’s motorcycle.

Amidst the conflict, the village headman, Mongkol, intervened, persuading Tanadol to face the charges. However, when Tanadol asked Beer to retract her complaint, Phanasut, Beer’s husband, refused to comply, resulting in Tanadol shooting Phanasut, reported Bangkok Post.

Tanadol now faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm, and carrying a firearm in public without a proper cause. As for Phanasut, he is safely recovering in Pattalung Hospital from the injuries sustained in the shooting.

In related news, a tragic family dispute over a 10-acre land inheritance turned deadly when a 19 year old man shot and killed his 57 year old uncle at their home. The conflict, simmering for six years and previously brought before the courts, culminated in a fatal confrontation prompted by a parking issue.

On February 26, at approximately 11.30pm, police and rescue services were dispatched to a residence in Don Salaeng Phan Village, where they discovered the body of Suphawet, who had sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the torso.

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