Thai family seeks help moving deceased father to temple amidst wild bees concerns

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A Thai family asked for emergency services assistance in transferring their deceased father to a temple for a funeral ceremony, amid concerns that noise and lights from the event might disturb a hive of wild bees situated near their residence. The authorities in the Buriram area responded to the request in order to ensure the safety of the hosts and guests.

Yesterday, the Buriram Highway Police rescue unit received a notification from a family residing in Nong Bot in the Nang Rong district of Buriram province.

The family requested assistance in moving their father’s body who had passed away from a geriatric illness to Wat Nong Thonglim temple for a religious ceremony. They were worried that hosting the funeral at their home might be hazardous due to a large wild bee hive that had settled on a mango tree near their house about two months ago, which occasionally caused disturbance to the family members.

In a conversation, 50 year old Sai Mai revealed that they initially prepared a funeral at their family home but couldn’t proceed due to the presence of the large wild bee hive.

They were concerned that sounds from the monks’ chanting and the lights from the ceremony would provoke the bees, leading to a disturbance and injuries to those attending the funeral. As a result, they sought the help of emergency services to transfer their father’s body to hold the merit-making ceremony at a local temple for the safety of the hosts and attendees.

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