Cupid’s Arrow: Factory worker’s romantic gesture misses target, woman rejects overtures, sparks viral sympathy

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A viral story from China has caught the attention of netizens after Cupid’s Arrow apparently missed its target. A factory worker’s bold declaration of love to a female colleague, complete with a bouquet, was met with rejection and disdain. The woman’s reason for the dismissal was simple – they didn’t know each other well enough for such a declaration of love to have any merit.

The event took place in a Chinese factory. The woman, attractive and single, had many admirers at her workplace, but none of them held her interest. The man, a stranger to her, was smitten from the moment he saw her, believing it to be love at first sight. His grand gesture of showing up at her dormitory with flowers was not well-received.

“I don’t know you. How can you confess your love for me when I don’t even know who you are?”

She threatened to call the police if he did not leave her room.

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The man remained persistent.

“You may not love me today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love me in the future. I work in the same factory as you and I am a future technician. Please, accept these flowers as a token of my feelings.”

The woman remained unimpressed.

“No matter how skilled you are or what department you work in, we are both just employees. We are no different. So, there is no need to show off. You are not the kind of man I am looking for. Even if you advance in your career, your appearance cannot change. Please give up, you are not the life partner I am expecting.”

In the end, the woman turned her back on him and stubbornly demanded he leave her room. The man admitted defeat but vowed to continue his efforts to win her over.

The incident sparked a debate among netizens. While some sympathised with the man, others believed he was in the wrong. Following a woman around and forcing someone who barely knows you to accept your love is not behaviour fit for a decent person.

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