Factory owner donates 10 million baht to Chachoengsao hospital

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A factory owner has garnered significant online attention by donating 10 million baht to a temple, meticulously folding the money into floral arrangements. This generous contribution aims to support the construction of a hospital and acquire medical equipment for Wat Saman Rattanaram Hospital in Chachoengsao Province.

The donation, amounting to 10 million baht, was made by Wanthanee Saeseng, the owner of Kobchai Noodle Factory. Her commitment and faith were evident in the elegant floral offerings presented to Phra Prachathammat, the abbot of Wat Saman Rattanaram. The purpose of this substantial donation is to aid in building a hospital and purchasing essential medical tools for Wat Saman Rattanaram Hospital, also known as Phutthasothorn Hospital 2.

Wanthanee, also known as Mee, dedicated her free time to folding banknotes into flowers, gradually accumulating the impressive 10 million baht donation. Her continuous efforts and unwavering dedication have now culminated in this significant charitable act.

The Watsaman Rattanaram Facebook page shared images of the donation, capturing the attention of many online users. The post expressed gratitude towards Wanthanee and her friends, including Mayuree Aowsakorn, for their heartfelt contribution during May, reported KhaoSod.

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The page’s message extended a blessing to Wanthanee and her group, wishing them happiness, prosperity, and good health.

“May the merit made by Wanthanee and her friends bring them happiness, fulfilment, wealth, and robust health. May all their wishes come true.”

Wat Saman Rattanaram, located in the city of Chachoengsao, is well-known for its active engagement in community service and support.

In related news, a donation of 1 million baht was bestowed upon the popular singer Kong Huai Rai by Ninew-Niphanrat Salika, the young, wealthy CEO of a world-renowned brand. The generous contribution, made during one of Kong’s concerts, has been deemed the largest garland he has ever received.

In other news, a monk known for altruism donated 300,000 baht to aid in rebuilding a fire-damaged monk’s residence at Wat Suan Kaew in Nonthaburi. The fire tragically claimed the lives of three boys, with the exact cause still under investigation.

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