Elderly Thai market vendor wins 12 million baht lottery jackpot

An elderly Thai lady says she will continue her career selling fried chive cakes at the market despite winning 12 million baht in the government lottery yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, 72 year old Phuangphet Pelacheun from the northern province of Uttaradit forgot to check the lottery results.

When her colleagues started talking about the winning numbers, Grandma Phuangphet leapt up, screamed and started dancing around Khun Nai Market in Mueang district, realising she won the lottery’s first prize.

Grandma Phuangphet bought two tickets with the number 590417, winning 12 million baht (US$347,217).

Grandma revealed that yesterday morning, she experienced “itchy hands” which she took as a sign to enter the lottery, so she bought two tickets from a local lottery ticket vendor in the market.

She said she chose the tickets ending with the number 17 because it is her grandson’s 25th birthday on February 17, which is today. She said she has raised him ever since he was a child.

Grandma told reporters what she planned to do with her winnings…

“I’ve already told my relatives in Bangkok and now I’m waiting for all the children to come home. The first thing I will do is pay back my debts.

“Then, I would like to buy my own stall to sell chive cakes, because at the moment I am still renting a market stall.

“I don’t want to stop selling chive cakes. It’s my career and has always been a source of income for the family.

“I will allocate money to all the children, I’m just waiting for them to come back first.”

The atmosphere at the Khun Nai Market was buzzing yesterday and everyone wanted to take photos with Grandma Phuangphet.

When everyone calmed down, Grandma Phuangphet went to Mueang Uttaradit Police Station to officially record her winnings.

In other lottery news, someone who bought 17 winning digital lottery tickets has won 42 million baht (US$1.21 million). However, the winner has not yet claimed their prize.

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