East Pattaya: Sacred statue draws crowds seeking blessings

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A recent social media post featuring the Kuman Siam Mab Fukthong statue has sparked a pilgrimage frenzy to its location along Mab Fukthong Road in East Pattaya.

This towering figure, resembling a majestic white Kuman adorned with a golden crown, stands as tall as a four-storey building, captivating residents and visitors.

People from various places are flocking to pay their respects and offer tributes, drawn by stories of miraculous prayers and fulfilled wishes. Even those who raise their hands in prayer reportedly experience their desires coming true. This phenomenon has led to a surge in offerings such as Thai costumes, red soft drinks, and children’s toys.

The statue, locally known as Kuman Siam, stands within a walled enclosure on expansive grounds, facing away from Mab Fukthong Road. Its striking features include three eyes, a white body draped in crimson red cloth, and a crown adorned with jewellery, exuding a palpable sacred aura.

Outside the enclosure, designated areas overflow with offerings like garlands and toys, illustrating widespread belief in the statue’s mystical powers. Inside the compound, amidst lush greenery, stands another statue named Heng Heng, portraying a cheerful boy.

Despite the area being neglected for over five years after an initial burst of interest from Chinese investors, the allure of Kuman Siam remains undiminished. Local police have investigated recent incidents of vandalism and dumping but have yet to take substantial action, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, the Chiang Mai governor coordinated with the Fine Arts Department to restore a 400 year old giant statue at a prominent historical temple, sparking criticism from an academic who argues that the restoration was inappropriate.

The controversy began when an assistant professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University, Surachai Jongjitngam criticised the restoration of a large Lanna-style giant sculpture at Wat Umong Suan Phutthatham in Chiang Mai.

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