Speeding truck runs red light, kills highway patrol officer in crash

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A tragic accident occurred when an 18-wheeler truck ran a red light and collided with a pickup truck, resulting in the death of a highway patrol officer. The driver of the truck displaying a lack of accountability, claimed the traffic light changed too quickly for him to stop in time.

Yesterday, June 20, at 1.15am, an 18-wheeler truck ran a red light and crashed into a white Isuzu pickup truck at the intersection of Highway 304 (Ratchasima-Pak Thong Chai Road) and Highway 24 (Sikhio-Chok Chai Road) in Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima. The dashboard camera footage captured the moment the truck sped through the intersection and collided with the pickup.

The collision resulted in the immediate death of 34 year old highway patrol officer from Pak Thong Chai Police Station, Nopparat Jorakrathok, who was driving the pickup. Rescue volunteers transported the deceased officer’s body to Pak Thong Chai Hospital for a post-mortem examination by the on-duty forensic doctor.

Superintendent of Pak Thong Chai Police Station, Police Colonel Bunprod Prasertsak revealed that the truck driver, 27 year old Chatsanchai claimed he was hauling goods from Udon Thani to Laem Chabang District, Chon Buri. He stated that as he approached the intersection, the light turned yellow, and despite his efforts, he was unable to stop the truck in time, resulting in a collision with the pickup.

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Preliminary investigations by the police included a drug test for Chatsanchai, which came back negative. However, he was charged with several offences, including running a red light, reckless driving causing property damage, and causing the death of another person. Legal proceedings will follow as per the law, reported KhaoSod.

Highway patrol officers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of roads and enforcing traffic laws. The unfortunate death of Nopparat serves as a sombre reminder of the risks they face daily in their line of duty.

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