Dutchman says Thai woman swindled him of 5 million baht

A Dutchman posted a video on TikTok revealing that a Thai woman swindled 5 million baht from him. The Thai woman denies the accusation, adding he is the cheat because he flirted with her despite being married.

The video went viral on Thai social media after the local news page Baan Dung Update reposted the TikTok story on Saturday. In the video, the man from the Netherlands said…

“My name is Peter. What I am about to tell all of you is a true story. I met a woman from Sakhon Nakhon (in Isaan) via Thai Cupid. We talked and later met in Udon Thani province, where she worked. She started to talk about our future. I bought her a gold necklace and planned our wedding.

“I didn’t have enough money to buy land and a house in Udon Thani so we agreed that I would sell my house in Holland. I sold it and sent the money to her, for our future.

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“I couldn’t travel to Thailand from 2020 to 2021 because of the pandemic but I kept sending her money until I was broke. I had to borrow money from the bank and my family because she promised she would return the money.

“I tried everything for our house and land but I didn’t hear from her after that. She didn’t return the money, changed jobs, and moved to other provinces. I was shocked and had a huge problem with my family and the bank.”

Peter also added in the video that he met a psychologist because he was stressed and wanted to commit suicide. He said that he had been in the relationship for five years and lost everything.

Many Thai TikTokers commented on the video saying that they felt sorry for the man and demanded the woman clarified the issue.

The alleged scammer woman gave an interview with Khaosod yesterday. Khaosod reported that she was a government official working in the Baan Dung district office in Udon Thani.

The woman said that she was very stressed after seeing the video. She insisted that she did not deceive the man. She said…

“Why didn’t you come to meet me at my house? I’m staying at the same place and haven’t tried to escape. Why do you have to post the video and spread this story around? If you want the money, you can tell me. I have never seen him since he came back to Thailand.”

The woman said that she is the one who has been deceived. The man told her that he was single, but she later found out that he had a Thai wife. She decided to keep her distance and break up with him. The woman said…

“I have a boyfriend now and he also has a wife. It wasn’t 5 million baht as he said. I asked for 20,000 baht from him but he gave me only 2,000 baht. The total amount he gave me was about 300,000 to 500,000 baht and I’m willing to return the whole amount to him.”

Peter has removed the video and deactivated his TikTok account. It is unclear if he and the woman will come to a resolution.

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