Woman who allegedly scammed victims for over 30 million baht arrested in Pattaya

Photo by The Pattaya News.

Another day, another major scam in Thailand.

A woman who allegedly scammed victims for over 30 million baht has been arrested in Pattaya. Police arrested the woman, 24 year old Patcharee Maneesri, at a condominium in the city following an arrest warrant from the Loei Provincial Court for fraud and a loan scam imported into a computer system.

Patcharee was allegedly part of a loan shark network. She convinced victims to invest with her, claiming would get much higher returns for low risk and no work needed.

Officers from the Crime Suppression Division did not reveal exactly how many victims Patcharee had scammed. However, they said that over 30 million baht was generated in the investments for Patcharee.

Patcharee then allegedly disappeared without paying any returns to her investors, The Pattaya News reported. Victims in various provinces, such as Loei, then filed police reports against her.

Patcharee has denied all accusations and claims she is innocent. She was taken back to the Na Din Dam Police Station in Loei for further legal action.

Scams are common across Thailand. Earlier this month, Bangkok police arrested 15 suspected scammers involved in a barrage of illegal businesses, seizing assets worth more than over 42 million baht (US$1.1 million).

Last month, a scammer who posed as a police chief was arrested in Thailand’s central Ayutthaya province. A team of officers from the Police Cyber Taskforce arrested the man, 32 year old Chonwicha Pansamut, in the Wang Noi district, according to the Metropolitan Police Bureau.

Authorities had evidence that Chonwicha claimed to be the Chiang Rai city district police chief in three major cases. The victims were tricked into transferring over 150 million baht to Chonwicha’s scam gang’s accounts. This was while working as a call scammer for a Taiwanese gang in Cambodia. Chonwicha illegally crossed the border into Cambodia.

Time will tell what details emerge on the latest alleged scam involving Patcharee.

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