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    Dutchman says Thai woman swindled him of 5 million baht

    A Dutchman posted a video on TikTok revealing that a Thai woman swindled 5 million baht from him. The Thai woman denies the accusation, adding he is the cheat because he flirted with her despite being married. The video went viral on Thai social media after the local news page Baan Dung Update reposted the TikTok story on Saturday. In the…

  • Thailand

    2 Russian men fight after one insults his Thai girlfriend

    Two Russian men attacked each other with a hammer and a brass knuckle on a beach in Pattaya after one of the men insulted his Thai girlfriend. Channel 7 reported that the incident happened yesterday at 11pm on Yinyom Beach on the Phra Tamnak Road in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya. Police officers from the Mueng Pattaya Police Station…

  • World

    Two Thai women died hiking the Himalayas

    High up in the Himalayas, two Thai women met their demise while hiking in the extreme cold. The two women, aged 49 and 37, were part of a group hiking the famous Annapurna trail in Nepal when they fell ill and died. They were reported dead after descending to a base camp to the northwest of the Nepalese capital city…

  • Central Thailand

    UPDATE: Thai wife hires mistresses for husband with a 15,000 baht salary

    UPDATE: Applications for the position of “mistress” are now closed. Pattheema has asked a “beautiful” 33 year old woman from Phetchabun province, who is her “close friend”, to join her family. Despite advertising three available spaces for the position of “mistress” on social media, Pattheema has closed applications after filling just one position. Pattheema took her “close friend” to speak…

  • Central Thailand

    Thai wife hires mistresses for husband with a 15,000 baht salary

    You’ll often hear bar talk between men saying “The perfect woman doesn’t exist!” Well, think again, guys. How would you feel if your girlfriend or wife hired three mistresses for you? Responses would be, “Are you crazy?” “Yeah, only in Cloud Cuckoo Land?” Well, it seems Cloud Cuckoo Land is located in the central province of Samut Prakarn. A Thai…

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    12 Thai women fear being sued by the wife of a love rat who seduced them

    Twelve Thai women fear they are going to be sued by the wife of a charming love rat who conned them into a sexual relationship. The 12 women, aged between 40 – 60 years old, have approached a lawyer for advice after discovering a man they met on social media is married. The 60 year old man, named Pu, told…

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    Health department warns pregnant women with Covid-19 “don’t take Favipiravir”

    Thailand’s Department of Health advises pregnant women with Covid-19 not to take the anti-viral medication Favipiravir. The department’s director-general said especially during the first trimester, Favipiravir might affect fetuses. He said the drug is usually only given during the last quarter of pregnancy, on a case-by-case basis. The department advised pregnant women who are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, and…

  • Phuket

    Why do foreign men like Thai women? A Thaiger vlogger wants to know

    Why do foreign men like Thai women? Bibi, a vlogger for The Thaiger, went out to the Patong walking street in Phuket (before Covid-19) and asked foreign men “do you like Thai girls?”

  • Video

    Do Thai women prefer ‘farang’ or Thai men? And why?

    Today Bibi from Thaiger’s T-Talk headed out to ask some random females about who they prefer – Farang or Thai guys, and why? And if they have to choose one, who would they go for? Is it the money? Is it the height, the blue eyes? Maybe they want to improve their English. There are plenty of theories, thousands of…