Durian vendors reduce sizes to segments amid price surge

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Durian prices have surged in Nakhon Ratchasima, prompting vendors to adapt by selling the fruit in segments instead of whole, as local purchasing power dwindles and sales plummet more than 50%.

At the fruit sale zone within a local market in Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima, durian sellers have shifted from selling the fruit by kilogrammes to selling it in segments, measured in pounds instead. This change comes in response to a sluggish economy and a significant rise in durian prices compared to last year, which has drastically reduced customer purchasing power by over 50%.

Segments of durian are now sold at varying prices, ranging from 50 baht to 75 baht per pound. This adaptation aims to accommodate customers who are now more cautious with their spending. A frequent customer, 27 year old Duannapa, shared her experience.

“I love eating durian but this year the prices have increased significantly. If I buy a whole fruit, it costs between 180 to 250 baht per kilogramme, with each fruit weighing around 2 to 3 kilogrammes. This means spending no less than 500 baht per fruit,

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“Given the current economic situation, my purchasing power isn’t that high. I only want to eat one or two segments. The store’s decision to sell durian in segments by weight meets my needs perfectly.”

A durian stall vendor in a local market, 29 year old Puna provided further insight into current customer demands.

“We decided to sell durian in segments instead of whole fruits because we recognise that most customers have less purchasing power now. Additionally, some customers worry that if they buy a whole fruit, the flesh might not meet their expectations. By selling in segments, they can choose exactly what they want.

“Some people only want to eat one or two segments, and they can easily buy that amount. This year, we have to admit that durian sales have dropped significantly compared to last year due to the poor economy and the fact that more durian vendors have set up stalls. Therefore, every store needs to adjust their sales strategy to better meet customer needs.”

The shift in sales approach highlights the vendors’ adaptability in a challenging economic environment, aiming to cater to a more budget-conscious customer base. By offering durian in smaller, more affordable portions, vendors hope to maintain their customer base and boost sales despite the economic downturn and increased competition, reported KhaoSod.

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