Dragon Boat Festival drummer’s bikini photo stuns social media

Picture courtesy of Sanook

The Dragon Boat Festival celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, brings together Chinese communities worldwide to partake in traditional activities such as dragon boat racing, eating sticky rice dumplings, and drinking rice wine. This annual event sees large crowds gathering along riverbanks and lakeshores to enjoy the festive atmosphere while watching ancient dragon boat races, similar to traditional boat races in other cultures.

A recent viral sensation from the Dragon Boat Festival emerged from Repulse Bay in Hong Kong, where a spectator captured and posted a striking image during a practice session. The photo was shared in the Explosive 1 Commune group with the caption, “I bet this dragon boat will win the championship this year.” The photo quickly gained widespread attention.

The image featured a beautiful drummer on a dragon boat, responsible for setting the rowing rhythm. The drummer, known as Yi Hou, caught the eye due to her attractive appearance and the daring move of unzipping her jacket to reveal a bikini top, showcasing her fit physique. This bold display captivated onlookers and quickly spread across the internet.

Following the viral spread of the drummer’s image, netizens identified her as Yi Hou. On her Instagram, she shares a laid-back lifestyle, with a strong emphasis on fitness. Yi Hou frequently posts about her gym routines and showcases her well-toned body. Despite the viral image portraying her as sexy, Yi Hou’s followers find her more cute and charming.

Yi Hou participated in the festival as the drummer for the Hai Hong dragon boat team. She explained that unzipping her jacket was merely a response to the hot weather, never expecting it to become such a sensation. She even saved various viral photos taken by spectators and posted them on her Instagram, expressing her joy in participating in the sport. Yi Hou captioned her posts with, “Having so much fun, thank you everyone for the photos!”

The Dragon Boat Festival continues to be a vibrant celebration of cultural traditions, with moments like these adding a modern twist to the ancient event.

Dragon Boat Festival drummer's bikini photo stuns social media | News by Thaiger
Picture courtesy of Sanook

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