Domestic violence victim fatally stabs husband in Chon Buri

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A Chon Buri woman fatally stabbed her husband as she finally reached a breaking point after enduring years of domestic violence and abuse from her alcoholic husband. She made no attempts to flee and surrendered to the police.

The investigating officer from Klong Kiew Police Station, Police Lieutenant Prakat Yati, along with a rescue team from the Silathammasamakhom Association, responded to a report of a fatal stabbing at a rented room in Ban Bueng District, Chon Buri at 11.30pm yesterday, June 10.

Upon arrival, they discovered the body of her husband, 53 year old Chuang lying lifeless. Multiple stab wounds were found on his torso. His wife, 59 year old Janjira was standing at the scene and showed no intention of fleeing.

According to Janjira, her husband had a habit of violent behaviour when intoxicated. She recounted that he frequently sought arguments and physically assaulted her whenever he drank.

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On this particular day, Chuang had been drinking heavily and, as usual, initiated an altercation. He not only beat her but also destroyed household items, including a rice cooker.

Janjira, unwilling to withstand his drunken rampage any longer, retaliated and defended herself by grabbing a knife and stabbing her husband multiple times in the torso.

After the incident, Janjira chose not to flee and instead waited for the police to arrive. She confessed to the crime without any resistance, acknowledging her actions and the reasons behind them.

Before the rescue team could remove her husband’s body from the scene, Janjira asked officers to allow her to perform a ritual of forgiveness for her deceased husband, which they permitted. She was then taken into custody for further legal proceedings on charges of murder, reported KhaoSod.

The tragic event underscores the severe consequences of domestic violence, highlighting the desperation and extreme measures a victim may resort to when they feel trapped and without support. Janjira’s confession and her decision to stay at the scene reflect a complex mix of regret and relief, as she faces the legal repercussions of her actions.

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