Thailand’s DLT combats illegal driving license sales exposed by MP on Facebook

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Thailand‘s Department of Land Transport (DLT) is taking action against individuals selling driver’s licenses illegally, following a Move Forward Party MP’s exposé on the matter. MP-elect Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn discovered several people advertising online services to provide driver’s licenses without requiring the driving test and posted screenshots of customers who had received valid DLT-certified licenses despite not taking the test.

Wiroj expressed concerns that allowing untested drivers on the road would lead to an increase in accidents involving both drivers and pedestrians. In response, DLT Deputy Director-General Seksom Akaraphan announced that the department had filed complaints with the police to tackle the issue. To date, the DLT has filed 458 reports related to unauthorised and illegal driver’s license services and plans to continue pursuing those who break the law, reported Bangkok Post.

On June 6, the DLT filed reports with the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) and even sent undercover staff to gather evidence on those offering the illegal service. Seksom clarified that information about driver’s license applications and authorisations can only be found on the DLT’s website or its official Facebook page, PR DLT News.

Applicants must submit their documents, such as a health certificate and the results of their driving test, at transportation offices or DLT-certified driving schools in person. Online appointments can be made via the DLT Smart Queue mobile app, with fees for personal car or motorbike licenses ranging from approximately 100 to 500 baht.

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