Lorry driver dozes off and crashes into car, female passenger killed

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A lorry crashed into a passenger vehicle on Prasert Manukitch Road in Bangkok, resulting in the tragic death of a woman who was flung five metres from the car. The accident occurred in the early hours of the morning, with investigations revealing that both drivers experienced bouts of drowsiness.

At around 5.45am this morning, Tai Sawangjit, Deputy Inspector at the Khok Kram Police Station, arrived at the accident site in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok. They discovered a six-wheeled Isuzu lorry, registration number 70-4271 Chaiyaphum, had collided with a four-wheeled passenger vehicle, a Suzuki with the registration number 7ย-9301 Bangkok. The rear of the smaller vehicle was severely crushed, with its roof caved in and the seats destroyed.

The victim, identified as a 38 year old woman named Punyanuch (surname undisclosed), was thrown five metres from the vehicle and passed away in the middle of the road. Her body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Department at Bhumibol Hospital for further examination.

The driver of the lorry, 27 year old Natthapong (surname undisclosed), admitted that he was drowsy before the accident after delivering goods to Mahachai in Samut Sakhon province. He had been on his way to his residence in Ramkhamhaeng area when he fell asleep at the wheel.

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“I woke up and continued driving, but then I suddenly felt drowsy again and dozed off. When I realised what had happened, my lorry had already crashed into the back of the passenger car, causing the fatal accident,” said Natthapong.

On the other hand, the 34 year old driver of the passenger vehicle, Sommat (surname undisclosed), disclosed that he had been driving from Lat Phrao Intersection towards Bang Khen Market when the collision took place. While making a right turn, a six-wheeled lorry suddenly crashed into his vehicle’s rear at high speed, flinging the passenger out and resulting in her death.

Police are still conducting investigations and gathering statements from both drivers. CCTV footage from the surrounding area will also be examined for evidence before any legal proceedings commence.

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