Sea blooms: Underwater magic in Trang Sea as marine Sakura wows tourists

The underwater world of Koh Waen in the Trang Sea has become an awe-inspiring spectacle, drawing tourists to its depths for a glimpse of the marine Sakura blossoms, a phenomenon so unique it’s likened to witnessing cherry blossoms beneath the waves.

It’s here that adventurers and romantics alike converge, as the area hosted the world’s first underwater wedding ceremony, cementing its reputation as a destination of breathtaking beauty and unparalleled experiences.

Tourists flock to this renowned one-day tour spot in Trang province, lured by the promise of vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. The most captivating dive site, known as the Secret Curve, challenges divers with its strong currents, yet rewards them with the sight of soft corals bursting in a variety of colours, from red and white to yellow, blue, and pink.

These delicate underwater gardens come alive, resembling blooming Sakura, particularly when the currents flow just right, making the Secret Curve an elusive and enchanting sight in Thailand’s seas.

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However, witnessing this underwater marvel isn’t always guaranteed. The soft corals’ bloom is dictated by the strength of the currents: too strong, and they flourish but pose a challenge for divers; too weak, and they retract, losing their floral semblance.

According to a recent dive explorer, Sarawut Sawatklang, the optimal conditions combine moderate currents with good sunlight, allowing for about 60-70% of the soft corals to bloom—an underwater wonderland rich in hues and variety, with some coral peaks shallow enough to be seen from the surface.

The beauty beneath Koh Waen is further enhanced by the diverse fish and sea fans scattered across the ocean floor, contributing to the magical ambience of the marine landscape. Yet, the ephemeral nature of the underwater Sakura means that divers must time their visits perfectly, relying on a mixture of rhythm and luck to experience the full splendour of the Secret Curve’s hidden treasures, reported KhaoSod.

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