Delivery rider helps himself to water dispenser in Thai restaurant

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A delivery rider sparked an outcry on social media after being captured filling his cup with water from a restaurant’s dispenser without permission.

The incident, which quickly became a hot topic online, began when an individual posted an image and message on the LINE Man Rider Thailand Facebook group. The post highlighted a delivery rider who was seen filling up their cup directly from a water dispenser inside a restaurant, without seeking consent from the staff. The caption expressed disbelief at the rider’s audacity to help themselves to the water in such a manner, mentioning that even when the staff voiced their disapproval, the rider continued undeterred.

Following the post, over 1,200 comments flooded in, with the majority criticizing the rider’s inappropriate behaviour and expressing concerns about the potential negative impact this could have on other delivery riders. The fear is that such actions might lead to stricter measures being imposed on all riders by the establishments they visit. Among the numerous comments, one stood out, urging riders to be aware of their actions and maintain their image, highlighting that legal action could be taken against such behaviour, reported KhaoSod.

The broader implications of the incident have caused a stir among netizens, who are calling on delivery riders to uphold a certain standard of professionalism to protect both their own and their colleagues’ reputations. As the conversation gains momentum, there is a collective appeal for individuals within the service industry to conduct themselves respectfully, especially when operating within the premises of other businesses.

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In related news, a Thai delivery rider dodged a drug charge after a dealer tricked him into transporting crystal meth and ecstasy by claiming the parcel was a watch.

The 38 year old delivery rider reported the discovery of the drugs to Hua Mark Police Station on January 31 at about 10.45pm. He reported to officers that he was hired by a Thai man to deliver a watch to a recipient at the Maitria Hotel in the Rama 9 district of Bangkok but found that the parcel was packed with drugs instead of the watch.

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