Thai lottery hopeful dances with destiny, invokes Pu Wessuwan for luck at Nong Meg shop

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A Thai woman conducted a ritual at the Nong Meg shop to pay homage to the revered deity Pu Wessuwan in Nong Meg, Nong Han, Udon Thani. Her intention was to seek blessings and good fortune for the upcoming lottery draw.

After completing the ritual, the devout Thai woman named Pan, known for her unwavering faith in Pu Wessuwan, led a group dancing in honour of the deity. This dance continued for nearly an hour.

As Pan danced fervently, observers noticed some unusual phenomena, resembling a state of being possessed by the deity. Her voice transformed, adopting the tone of an elderly man, which is associated with Pu Wess. Following this, Pan entered a trance-like state.

The accompanying group, eager to receive lottery numbers from the deity, provided Pan with pen and paper. In what appeared to be the manifestation of Grandfather Wessuwan, Pan proceeded to write down both three-digit and two-digit numbers. The three-digit number was 859, while the two-digit number was 05, both inscribed in Thai numerals, as reported by KhaoSod.

Concluding the event, just before Pu Wess departed, he communicated with lottery enthusiasts through hand signals. He raised one finger, followed by five, suggesting the numbers 15 and 51.

Those willing to take a chance on these numbers on October 1 are hopeful for a stroke of luck bestowed by Pu Wessuwan. It is essential to note that the Nong Meg shop, despite its recent streak of good luck since the installation of the Grandfather Wessuwan statue at its storefront, does not endorse gambling.

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