Debt dodger’s fake ‘theft’ tale backfires: Thai woman faces charges for false report

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A Thai woman is facing charges after faking a theft and filing a fake police report to escape a 48,000 baht debt.

The 45 year old woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, made the complaint to officers at Mueang Trat Police Station by phone yesterday, October 18. She explained that four thieves in a pickup with no number plate cut off her pickup on Baan Kaeng Prai Road in the eastern province of Trat.

The woman said two thieves got out of the pickup and threatened her to hand over her money. She told police that she had to give it to them because she was alone at the time and was afraid the gang would attack her. The Thai woman said handed over 48,000 baht to the thieves.

The woman said she could remember the identities of all four thieves. She told police about the thieves’ height, hairstyle and build. She also reported that the thieves fled the scene and went to Khao Saming district in Trat province.

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Police said it was strange that the woman, who had undergone such a harrowing ordeal while travelling alone, was able to remember many details.

Officers then accompanied the woman to reenact the theft at the scene, and another police team checked security cameras in the direction the woman had mentioned.

From victim to suspect

Officers were unable to find any thieves with the identities mentioned and decided to contact the woman’s nephew to ask him about the matter. The nephew revealed that his aunt had called him to say that she had been robbed of 48,000 baht.

According to the nephew, the woman owned a travel agency and the money belonged to her clients who had paid 3,000 baht each for a trip to Phetchabun province. The trip was scheduled today, October 19, one day after the theft.

Police became suspicious after learning about the travel agency and continued to question the woman until she admitted to faking the entire theft.

The woman said she was in debt and had spent all the money to pay it off. She could not find the money to organise the trip for her clients and thought the fake theft could help her escape the problem.

The woman was charged with making a false report to the police. She could face two years in prison, a fine of up to 40,000 baht, or both.

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