Phuket tourism industry generates 370 billion baht in eight months

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Over the past eight months, the tourism industry in Phuket has managed to amass a substantial revenue of nearly 370 billion baht, as reported by the President of the Phuket Tourism Association.

This encouraging development signals a significant rebound from the adverse effects of Covid-19, with the present surge in tourist numbers representing a remarkable 40% year-on-year rise when compared to the figures from 2019.

The president of the Phuket Tourism Association, Thanet Tantipiriya, shared the positive news with Thai media.

“Phuket’s earnings in the past eight months have been around 370 billion baht. Compared to 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a 40% yearly increment in the number of tourists.”

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Further emphasising the positive trends in Phuket’s tourism sector, Thanet noted that almost 80% of the hotel rooms are already reserved for the upcoming high season, particularly those near the beaches.

“The ongoing Vegetarian Festival has also attracted a considerable number of tourists, with occupancy rates ranging from 67 to 74% in tourist areas.”

Moreover, the Phuket Sandbox programme, a quarantine scheme for tourists during Covid, boosted the number of direct flights from Israel to Phuket. However, Thanet clarified that the number of Israeli tourists has dwindled by approximately 40% after the onset of the conflict with Hamas.

Thanet further expressed the tourism association’s support for a legally regulated 4am closing time for nightlife venues. However, he stressed the importance of reviewing and appropriately applying zoning regulations to strike a balance between entertainment zones and residential areas, thereby not disrupting the routines of residents or workers.

Addressing the diverse needs and preferences of tourists, Thanet explained that Phuket is a tourist hotspot for everyone and has previously erred by trying to cater specifically to either “family-friendly” or “party” tourists.

He emphasised that both groups enjoy Phuket but possess very different lifestyles and backgrounds. Hence, Phuket must adapt suitably to both tourist groups without causing any friction between them. This strategy would optimally benefit Phuket, businesses, and tourists.

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