Debate arises over child’s safety as zoo employee drapes python around him

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

The appropriateness of a zoo employee placing a large python around a young boy sparked a debate online.

A member of the Facebook group, AtHome Reptile, posted a photo of the incident, questioning whether the staff member could have ensured the boy’s safety in time in case of an emergency.

The photo, taken yesterday, December 11, shows a man, presumably a zoo worker, with a large python draped over a young boy. The post accompanying the image reads:

“The photo might have been deleted, but I’ve kept a screenshot.”

It then questions whether it’s appropriate to allow others to hold such dangerous venomous snakes.

Despite some arguing that the snake has been tamed, the post argues that the snake still has its mouth for eating and retains its venom, posing a potential danger. The main concern raised is whether the staff member could actually ensure the child’s safety if something were to go wrong.

The post’s author, a snake owner himself, is sceptical, stating he doesn’t believe it would be possible unless the staff member could stop time, reported KhaoSod.

The post urges the zoo staff to reconsider such actions, using their judgment to make better decisions. It questions the potential responsibility if an actual incident occurred and suggests that the zoo staff might only be concerned if they could bring back the dead. As a snake owner who has been bitten several times despite years of experience, the author recommends considering non-venomous snakes, highlighting the beauty of many Thai species.

The post ends with a note of thanks for the photo and information from the Facebook group, AtHome Reptile.

In related news, a colossal python, exceeding 4 metres in length and as thick as a leg, caused a scare in a chicken coop in Surin‘s Khuha Sawan subdistrict on November 16. Read more about this story HERE.

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