David Beckham scores big with fans at Predator event in CentralWorld (video)

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Football legend David Beckham held a meet & greet at CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok yesterday for the Adidas event, The Legend of Predator.

The 48 year old soccer icon attended The Legend of Predator event held at the Central Court in CentralWorld yesterday January 30, organised by Adidas.

At the event, more than 21 models of Adidas Predator football boots were on display, all of which conveyed the outstanding patterns, colours and innovations of football cleats in each era. It is also a medium that connects the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England star’s journey throughout his career and Adidas.

Beckham had the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane by visiting an exhibit that tells the story of the world of football through the history of the Predator football boots, amidst an atmosphere where Thai fans came to welcome him.

Beckham also had the opportunity to chat with fans and share his experience with Predator shoes, including his long relationship with Adidas, along with a meet & greet to satisfy lucky fans. The event ended with Beckham enjoying a traditional Thai puppet show.

Since The Legend of Predator was first introduced in 1994, it has revolutionised the world of football, transforming football boots into an important symbol for scoring goals. Adidas has been committed to continuously developing new versions of the football boots. The Predator football boots have captured the hearts of football players worldwide and have become an important icon.

Innovative design

Whether it’s shades of black, white and red, the sight of the football boots takes football enthusiasts down memory lane, whether it be the World Cup finals or the Champions League.

Over the past 30 years, the design of the Predator football boots has developed continuously, responding in time to the playing style of the era.

One of the biggest evolutions of the Predator football boots was revealed before Euro 2000, featuring a unique design of separated rubber fins and the strategic placement of each piece. Replaceable studs made it possible to enter the field in all competition and weather conditions. The sleek design and conformity to aerodynamic principles enhance performance, reported Prachachat.

Beckham talked about his 30-plus year relationship with Adidas.

“For me, Adidas is like another family that has been travelling with me since the first days of my football career, especially the Predator football boots.”

As an icon of Adidas Global, Beckham also sent a final message to the new generation who have a passion for sports.

“Focus on doing what you love and have fun while doing it. In the end, dedication will lead us to success.”

There were also Thai celebrities who attended the event including Adidas Brand Ambassador Thailand, Bright Vachirawit.

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