Golden cobra startles homeowner in Thailand kitchen

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A homeowner was shocked to discover a large golden cobra in her kitchen in the Ang Thong province of Thailand. The snake, which was menacingly displaying its hood, caused two kittens to run in fright before the homeowner swiftly called for rescue services today, January 31.

The Ang Thong Provincial Rescue Association was alerted to the presence of the large cobra at house number 111 in the Pet Pho Thong Village, Pho Thong District. Rescue officer Ratha Taepianthong, who is skilled in capturing reptiles was near the scene and dispatched to capture the snake.

Upon arrival, Ratha encountered Siriwawan Chamnan, the 38 year old homeowner, who recounted that while passing through the kitchen to the bathroom, she was startled by her two kittens that were playing and then suddenly ran towards her in panic.

Turning around, she came face to face with the golden cobra, boasting black spots along its body, its hood expanded in a threatening display. In a state of shock, she managed to close the kitchen door and call the rescue services for help.

Ratha’s inspection confirmed that it indeed was a large golden cobra, approximately 1.20 metres in length, with distinctive black spots and an extended hood. Using a snake-catching tool, Ratha safely secured the cobra by the neck and dragged it out of the house, reported KhaoSod.

Ratha then safely bagged the dangerous cobra and prepared to release it back into the wild. Following the incident, the homeowner and neighbours speculated that the snake’s appearance might be an omen of good fortune.

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