Crushing tragedy: Cement truck crash claims life of Swedish motorcyclist in Pathum Thani

Photo via Facebook/ สมยศ โสภณวิมลรัตน์

A cement truck collided with a motorcycle carrying two Swedish men in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok, resulting in one death and one severe injury.

Officers from Sam Kok Police Station swiftly responded to the collision along the Prem Prachakon canal road yesterday at 3.20pm. Upon arrival, they discovered an Isuzu cement truck with noticeable damage to its front bumper, with the victim’s Honda Dream motorcycle wedged beneath it.

Approximately 10 meters away from the truck, a Swedish man was found injured, blood streaming from his mouth and nose. Sadly, alongside the roadside, officers encountered the lifeless body of another Swedish man. Tragically, he lay in a pool of his blood, bearing a severe head wound, while his legs and arms were fractured.

A 32 year old Thai boxer, Piyaphan Chinanat, also known as Moses Tor Sangtiennoi, arrived at the scene and informed officers that the two Swedish victims were the boxers training at his father’s gym, Sagntiennoi Sor Rungroj.

The injured foreigner was identified as 15 year old Truls Johan Heribertssoi, and the dead person was identified as 21 year old Mohamed Nour Abdurrahmaan Omer Abdelatif.

According to Piyaphan, the two had joined the gym’s training programme a month before the accident occurred. They came together with other five friends and scheduled to travel back to their hometown on July 24. The dead man, Abdelatif, was a top Muay Thai boxer in Sweden.

The driver of the cement truck, 42 year old Sombut Sophan, reported to the police that the motorcycle suddenly emerged from an alley on the right side, abruptly cutting him off. He could not stop the car in time and crashed into the bike very hard. He got out of the truck to check on the accident and reported it to the police after seeing the dead man.

Police officers would check the security camera nearby the scene and contact the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok to inform the Swedish victims’ families.

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