Creative nurse channels inner monk to prevent patient’s escape in northeastern Thailand

Photo via Facebook/ ป๊อแป๊ะ ดอกไม้สด

A Thai nurse at Aranya Prathet Hospital in the Isaan province of Sa Kaeo donned a monk robe to prevent a psychiatric patient from escaping to make merit with a monk.

The nurse’s heartwarming act caught the attention of Thai netizens after his picture was shared on Facebook by another Thai man. The man said in the caption…

“The nurses and assistant nurses on the seventh floor of Aranya Prathet Hospital are everything to the patients. A psychiatric patient likes to make merit and always wants to escape from the hospital to cook food for monks. This male nurse had to dress up as a monk to make the patient stay. What a dedication!”

Subsequently, the Facebook user, who originally shared the post, disclosed in the comments section that he was, in fact, the nurse depicted in the image. He revealed that assuming various roles was a part of his job, especially when dealing with patients.

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Many Thai netizens expressed their appreciation for the nurse’s action, and others agreed that he was good at disguising himself.

“Get ready to receive food offerings!”

“You look exactly the same!”

“What you did is so beautiful.”

“I am shocked. Your disguise is flawless!”

The nurse is not the only dedicated employee praised by netizens. Recently, a Thai teacher pretended to be a foreign teacher to teach English subjects and encourage Thai students to speak to her in English for practice. She did a good job in her disguise until she spoke to an assistant teacher in Thai in front of the students.

All the students shouted, “You can speak Thai!”

Her video went viral on TikTok and some students even teased her in class, saying she was famous now and didn’t need to teach, adding the teacher could use her fame to become rich. Watch the video here.

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