Consumer finds unidentifiable object in FDA-approved seaweed soup

Image courtesy of Nong Gam Gam, Facebook

The end of a comforting seaweed soup meal turned into a shock when a consumer discovered an unidentifiable dark string mixed in with the seaweed. The incident, which occurred yesterday, sparked concern among members of the consumer group ‘We Are Consumers’ on social media. Amidst the worry, questions arose about the nature of the foreign object and whether the seaweed used had been inspected and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A Facebook user and member of the ‘We Are Consumers’ group posted photographs of the tainted soup, expressing her dismay and surprise. She captioned the pictures, “Was about to make seaweed soup, but what kind of soup can I make now? Opened the pack and was shocked to see this. This product even has FDA approval.”

The post quickly attracted numerous comments and shares, prompting questions from other users about the origin of the product. Some expressed their fears, asking whether the seaweed was bought from a local market or a shopping mall. The poster responded, “From a local shop”. She further described the object as resembling a plastic string and mentioned that she had reported the incident to the importing company but had not received a response. She added that she planned to notify the manufacturer directly, reports Khaosod Online.

In another story about food safety, a young man had a severe allergic reaction after eating a lobster burger from a well-known fast-food restaurant. The lobster burger was a limited-edition burger and was only available in Taiwan. It was priced at 427 baht, generating a total sale of 300,000 units, and attracting many food enthusiasts. Even though the man regularly consumes all types of seafood, the man’s entire body breaks out in a rash after eating the burger. For more information, click the LINK to read more.

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