Chon Buri childcare center shock: Police probe guard’s death

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A 52 year old security guard was found dead under mysterious circumstances at a childcare centre in Chon Buri Province, sparking an immediate police investigation. The distressing scene, discovered early this morning, included the guard’s body with multiple injuries and torn clothes scattered across the area, raising suspicions of foul play.

Upon receiving a distress call around 5am today, April 10, the investigative team from Mueang Chon Buri Police Station swiftly arrived at the Ban Suan Municipality Child Development Centre. The deceased, identified as security guard Somphorn, was found face down on the playground, exhibiting bruising and lacerations on his back and a torn right arm sleeve.

A torn security guard jacket lay approximately 10 metres away, stained with faeces.

An additional 10 metres from the body, Somphorn’s mobile phone was discovered, and his shoes were found 20 metres away near a school sign accompanied by signs of a toppled plant pot. Warapong, a 26 year old fellow security guard and the one who found Somphorn, expressed concern for his colleague, having learned of his illness earlier that day.

Warapong’s discovery of the torn clothes and Somphorn’s unresponsive state led him to suspect an assault rather than a natural death due to the scattered state of the clothing and what appeared to be drag marks.

Jintana, the 56 year old deceased’s wife, insisted that her husband could not have died from his illness alone. She noted that he had a fever the previous day and that morning but had no visible injuries when he left home.

The disarray of his clothing and belongings convinced her that he must have been attacked, reported KhaoSod.

The police are set to review the childcare centre’s CCTV footage to determine whether Somphorn was indeed a victim of an attack or if he died from natural causes.

The investigation continues as police piece together the events that led to the security guard’s untimely death, looking for evidence that could point to the cause and any potential perpetrators.

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