Chinese man allegedly leaves pregnant Thai woman over son preference

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A Thai woman is seeking justice after her Chinese man left her and fled the country after discovering she was pregnant with their daughter, not a son.

The 36 year old Thai woman named Noey asked the non-profit organisation, Saimai Survive, to help her seek justice. She told the organisation that the Chinese man lured her into marrying him but later abandoned her because she was pregnant with a daughter, not a son, which most Chinese families want.

Noey explained that a female Chinese neighbour recommended the 42 year old Chinese man to her. The Chinese woman lived in the same condominium as her and had been running a condominium rental business in Thailand for about three to four years. The woman said the man was her relative and single.

Noey said the Chinese woman convinced her to try talking to the man, so she did. She started talking to him online in April and found him attractive, so they made an appointment to meet in person in June.

They spent a week together and the Chinese man returned to China for work. He came back to Thailand with his family and asked her to marry him. They agreed to live together before the wedding.

Noey said the man kept telling her that he wanted to have children and did not care what sex they would be. She became pregnant and received the best care from him. They scheduled their wedding for September 9 and planned the event together.

Son preference

The Chinese man asked Neoy to pay for the wedding first and he would pay back later. The wedding was 70% complete and Noey had spent over 100,000 baht on it, but the man asked her to postpone the wedding.

Noey explained that the Chinese man flew back to China before the wedding. She went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant with a daughter. The man immediately postponed the ceremony when he found out about the daughter and rarely responded to her messages.

The Chinese man eventually cut off all contact with Noey and disappeared. Noey asked the Chinese neighbour to contact the man for her, but the neighbour refused. This made Noey realise that the man only wanted a son and had left her because she could not give birth to a boy.

Noey said she wanted the Chinese man to support her daughter and decided to report the matter to Saimai Survive. She also warned other Thai women not to fall into the same trap.

The non-profit organisation has submitted the complaint to the relevant authorities, but the next steps in the case have not yet been revealed.

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