China powers up Thailand’s South with groundbreaking transmission line

Photo courtesy of Xinhua

China‘s transmission line project in Thailand has sparked a new era in the southern province of Phatthalung.

A groundbreaking event unfolded on December 19 as the Thung Song-Songkhla 500kV Transmission Line Project, also known as the Thung Song Project, lit up the skies over Thailand’s southern Phatthalung province. The culmination of two years of relentless construction, this power transmission marvel marks a significant milestone as the first-ever 500kV Transmission Line in the region.

Executed by the expert hands of Henan Electric Power Transmission & Transformation Construction, the contracted section spans an impressive 105 kilometres. Stretching from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province to the heart of Phatthalung Province, this venture is poised to revolutionise the energy landscape of southern Thailand.

Thailand, facing a dire shortage of electricity, is resolute in its commitment to the development of the Southern Economic Corridor. With plans to establish industrial parks in these provinces, the Thung Song Project emerges as a linchpin for enhancing the stability and reliability of the power system in the region. Boonma Phuchin, the Director of the Transmission System Construction Project for Independent Power Producers of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, emphasised its vital role in meeting the escalating demand for electricity in these provinces, reported Xinhua.

Phuchin declared at the completion ceremony:

“Hundreds of thousands of people will reap the benefits when this transmission line springs to life, powering the future of southern Thailand.”

In related news, the Thai Cabinet has allocated 2 billion baht to subsidise electricity costs for 17.7 million vulnerable households. The scheme, set to be a new year’s gift, will apply to those using no more than 300 units of electricity per month, maintaining a cost of 3.99 baht per unit. Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Peeraphan Salirathaviphak, stated on December 8, that the Ministry of Energy is preparing to propose this support measure for Cabinet approval this month. Read more about this story HERE.

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