Chilling CCTV footage reveals suspects buying freezer with dismembered body in Bangkok

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CCTV footage revealed a group of Indian suspects casually browsing in a shopping centre, selecting a freezer, before the discovery of a dismembered body. The gruesome find was made yesterday, January 21, in a row building on Soi Sakae Ngam 35/3, Sam Dam Subdistrict, Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok.

The building served as a residence for Burmese labourers waiting for work. The labour group was led by a 23 year old Indian national, Sundaravel, responsible for procuring foreign labour for work in Thailand.

In a shocking twist, a man’s dismembered body was found stuffed into a refrigerator left in a building in the heart of Bangkok. The Indian middleman, who had rented the house for less than a week, is now a prime suspect. He has reportedly left the country.

A friend of the deceased identified the suspect in the case of the murdered man found in a refrigerator. The row building has a history of violent incidents. Late at night on January 19, a red car driven by the Indian middleman was seen parking in front of the house.

He appeared to be furious, trying to reverse into the house and hitting the door loudly but he was unable to enter. He then drove away, and it has now been confirmed that the Indian middleman has left the country.

Recently, CCTV footage from January 19, at 6.28pm, has been released. It captures two Indian middlemen entering a shopping centre in the Bang Bon area to select a freezer. They then loaded the freezer into a black pickup truck and drove away.

A police investigation is underway to determine the persons behind this horrific act.

In May last year, a court in Bangkok, Thailand, denied the bail request of the Polish tourist accused of murdering and dismembering his Ukrainian girlfriend at a high-rise condo last weekend.

South Bangkok Criminal Court denied bail to 25 year old Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, citing that he is a flight risk since he already tried to flee the country for Cambodia once.

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