Child swipes phone in swift snatch at Bangkok eatery (video)

Picture courtesy of Red Panda Yakiniku Facebook

Popular Bangkok restaurant Red Panda Yakiniku took to social media to share CCTV footage of a child sprinting into their establishment, stealing a mobile phone from the cashier’s counter, and fleeing. The post is an appeal to the child’s guardians to return the stolen item.

The Facebook post featured a clip showing a child dashing into the Red Panda Yakiniku branch in Bang Khae, quickly scanning the area before grabbing the mobile phone left on the counter and running out of the restaurant.

The accompanying message requested the return of the phone, highlighting its sentimental and practical value to the employee, for whom the mobile phone was a significant possession, purchased by the family and containing important personal and work-related documents.

The restaurant administrators, having consulted with the affected employee, assured that no legal action would be taken if the phone was returned. They even suggested that if the child’s guardians preferred to remain anonymous, they could send the phone back via mail.

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The server, who fell victim to the theft, has since reported the incident at the Lak Song Police Station. Efforts to reach the phone have been made, but calls to their number remain unanswered, reported Sanook.

Despite the appeal for the phone’s return, netizens have criticised the child’s actions and the apparent lack of proper guidance from the guardians. The restaurant’s plea for the return of the stolen mobile phone reflects a hope for rectification and a lesson in accountability for the young individual involved.

In related news, a Thai man has sought justice after a nine year old girl stole 33,400 baht from his home in Bangkok’s Nong Khaem district. Despite the young thief confessing to the police, she was not charged due to the child protection law.

The victim, known as Fluke, reached out to the local news Facebook page Drama-addict to share his story with the public. He hopes that doing so will draw the attention of the relevant authorities to the need for a review of laws concerning young offenders.


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